Union, The Best Image-Blending App Around

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You might as well delete all the layer-blending apps on your iPhone or iPad right now, because Union is better than all of them. It comes from Pixite apps, the developer behind Unbound, LoryStrips, Flickring, Tangent and more, and it lets you stack images, then blend and manipulate them to stunning effect. How stunning? Take a look:
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Union really is incredible. If all it did was let you stack two images and apply a blend-mode to them, it would be worth the $2 price, it’s so well designed and easy to use. But there’s more.

You can also add and blend color layers and gradients, and you can mask out parts of the image, removing a sky, say, to replace it with another picture. This is done with a magic wand tool that auto-masks an area you tap, and then refines the selection with a simple slider. It’s easy and effective, and you can clean up any edges quickly by painting with your fingers.

Rotating, scaling and everything else is dead easy, and you can also flatten your image and then add another layer.

Once done, save the result, share it from the app or send it off to another app for further tweaking. And all for $2. You should probably just go get it right now.

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Check the Website Out : http://unionapp.co

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