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Signs of a very sick society.

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Today at work I was horrified to hear about peoples worries on things like : OMG I hope I have enough space on my decoder to record todays Oscar trial, I want to leave early to catch up on the Oscar Trial, I hope my decoder is recording it, I can’t wait for the verdict etc etc.  Sound familiar?

Lets look at what the media has fed you: You have your knickers in a knot about one rich guy shooting a wannabe model, in what probably is a crime of passion. Lets put this in perspective shall we?

A few months ago a 6 week old baby was raped, was that on DSTV on its own channel for weeks, for the sick folks to watch? In about the same period a 9 year old girl was raped, beaten, set alight and left for deadBut you are worried about the Oscar trial? According to the sick population the Oscar thing is way more serious than a 6 week old baby being raped? I bet 3/4 of you were not even aware that the 9 year old eventually  died? Or what about the little girl who was gang-raped to DEATH in India? no? not gruesome enough for you to be on TV?

I want you to picture how small a 6 week old little girl looks like. .

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She was raped! Imagine a 9 year old girl being raped and beaten and then set alight? Flames, burning skin?  Nice image yes?

But you choose to worry about the Oscar trial because you obey what the media feeds you. I dare you to defend yourself?