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Union, The Best Image-Blending App Around

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You might as well delete all the layer-blending apps on your iPhone or iPad right now, because Union is better than all of them. It comes from Pixite apps, the developer behind Unbound, LoryStrips, Flickring, Tangent and more, and it lets you stack images, then blend and manipulate them to stunning effect. How stunning? Take a look:
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Union really is incredible. If all it did was let you stack two images and apply a blend-mode to them, it would be worth the $2 price, it’s so well designed and easy to use. But there’s more.

You can also add and blend color layers and gradients, and you can mask out parts of the image, removing a sky, say, to replace it with another picture. This is done with a magic wand tool that auto-masks an area you tap, and then refines the selection with a simple slider. It’s easy and effective, and you can clean up any edges quickly by painting with your fingers.

Rotating, scaling and everything else is dead easy, and you can also flatten your image and then add another layer.

Once done, save the result, share it from the app or send it off to another app for further tweaking. And all for $2. You should probably just go get it right now.

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Check the Website Out : http://unionapp.co

Facebook Adds ‘Nearby Friends’ To Let You Know Who to Stalk

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Facebook announced this morning that it’s adding a new Nearby Friends feature to its mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you stay more connected than ever with your buddies by letting you stalk every step they take.

The new feature is a lot like Apple’s Find My Friends in that it allows you to share your location with friends and family so you can hopefully get in touch with each other in the real world. Nearby Friends will also send you push notifications to let you know when a group of pals just happen to be close by.

A similar ‘Find Friends Nearby’ feature was rolled out by Facebook in 2012 but was quickly pulled, but Facebook swears this Nearby Friends will hit iOS and Android in the next few weeks.

Facebook mentions that the entire feature is opt-in: first you have to turn in on, then you can only see friends’ proximity if you choose to share it with them, and vice versa.

Precise locations can also be shared with friends for set periods of time – like say you just want friends to know where you’re going to be at in the park for the next hour. It can also be turned on and off whenever you want so you don’t have to worry about friends stalking you all week.

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iOS 6 Users Suffer Major FaceTime Outage.

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Is Apple doing a : “upgrade to iOS 7 or you won’t be able to chat?”

First spotted in a thread on the Apple Support Communities mini-site, a number of users running iOS 6-powered devices have reported an inability to either make or receive FaceTime calls. According to them, this problem dates back to April 16.

 The issue is not affecting iOS 7 users, and Apple’s “Systems Status” page shows that the video and audio software  is listed as running normally.

While a fix addressing the iOS 6 FaceTime fault is expected to appear in the near future, Apple has advised all users experiencing the problem to upgrade to iOS 7.

As it is, iOS 6 users make up a small proportion of overall iOS users. Official figures released by Apple earlier this month show that 87% of users are now running iOS 7, 11% are running iOS 6, and just 2% are running an earlier version of Apple’s mobile OS.

Still, when you’re talking about 11% of the enormous market that is total iOS users, that’s still a lot of people.

Are you having any problems with FaceTime currently?

“Heathstone” Is The Most Downloaded App In 34 Countries A Day After Launch

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Move over FarmVilleCandy Crush and all those other freemium games whose developers (presumably) sleep on top of a pile of money with beautiful ladies in it — we may have a new contender for app overlord of 2014.

Blizzard’s turn-based iPad game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was released on Thursday (17 April 2014), but already it’s the No. 1 most downloaded game in 36 countries, and the most downloaded app overall in 34 countries.

According to analyst Sterne Agee, the game will likely rake in $30 million in revenue this year alone.

Like the other titles mentioned above, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is free to play, but includes in-app purchases.

An iPhone version is set to follow later this year, and will only open up the game’s revenue streams further.

Nice work if you can get it!