Support is ending for Windows XP . . so?

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Having been in IT for the past 30 years I have built up a collection of friends whose first port of call when printers, computers and now smart phones behave badly, is me. Seriously people, when was the last time anybody picked up the phone and called Microsoft because their Windows XP did strange stuff? Or ask the Microsoft support hotline how to do something? In my years with computers I have done it ONCE, and you know what? The foreign accent chap on the other side of the phone (probably in a Pakistani or Indian bomb shelter) had no idea what I was talking about.

Which brings me to the seriousness of Microsoft ending support for Windows XP. Well this has about as much cosmic significance as a foot print in the sand on a deserted beach. In fact that has more impact on the souls of sand dwelling crabs which live of dead and rotting sea birds which fell from the sky due to a Comet which crashed into Russia  . . . than Microsoft has on millions of XP users.

But what about the “security” updates I hear you ask? Well yes I retort, but you haven’t done an update in the last 342 years anyway, as the last time you did that your computer crashed so you vowed silently never ever ever to do updates again . . . . In fact your resources will probably more than double as now your computer will not have 65 Gigs of XP updates waiting to be installed.

So why are you all frothing at the mouth and vowing to bring a class action law suit against Microsoft? Here is what is going to happen (as it happened for windows 3 , 95, ME, 98, 2000, server 2003) : in a few years you are going to want to install a cool Facebook App or silly game or something insignificant onto your trusty Windows XP machine and you are going to faced with a rather rude message which will read something like : We are sorry but this Application only runs on Windows [insert current windows version here].  So what do you do? Ditch the App and live without it? Rush out and upgrade? Sit close to the radiator at home and rock back and forth wiping the drool from your mouth, longing for the security of your baby blanket which mother so coldly gave away to the homeless people 38 years ago?

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And as for the business community . . . the IT companies are probably masturbating 24/7 thinking about how much money they are going to extract out of their existing corporates in upgrades, trouble shooting and completely unethical charges.

Stay calm and consider a glass of wine.