Movember, what is it?

So what is Movember?

WARNING : sensitive reading material, not for sensitive readers or grammar nazi’s . . or bunny hugging Feminists


Its when men (or women) decide to grow facial hair to show support for men who have or may get prostate cancer, and I do apologise to the Feminists . . . but NO you do not have a prostate so get over it. \o/

What is the prostate you ask? (I asked about 13 guys and girls at HO what the prostate is for and NONE/ZERO/NILL/NULL could tell me.) So I decided to write this in the slim chance that at least ONE person takes this in and does something about this months highlighted(and very profitable) nasty (you may recall last month was breast cancer month). . oh and for the feminists. . men can get breast cancer. . . so you need to get over that too. \o/

The prostate adds a milky fluid called seminal plasma. This plaza ensures that the sperm is alkaline (ONLY alkaline coated sperm are able to survive in the acidic environment of a woman vagina.) it also secretes prostaglandins which make the little guys swim.

Combined with sperm(10%) and seminal fluids(60%) from the seminal vesicles the whole lot gets expelled hopefully to the vagina and well your parents should have told you all about the expelling mechanism.

Now it gets interesting . . What happens to the BILLIONS collected for “Movember” month all over the world. . . not to mention the billions collected for breast cancer and all the publicised but very profitable nasties? Well they go into the coffers of whats called where they claim to spend it on “research” etc etc etc . . . simply google “cancer fund raising fraud” to get some info on that. Ok so lets assume they do actually spend heaps of money on research. . what has changed? For this answer go look at, from the first recorded case of prostate cancer the following quote is from that site entitled :
“What’s new in prostate cancer research”

. . . . . “One study found that men who take more than 7 multivitamin tablets per week may have a higher risk of getting advanced prostate cancer”. . . . so your billions of $$ have et al funded a study to prove that taking one multi vitamin a day is bad for you? I suppose if you breath it in and it gets stuck in your lungs it could be bad. . .

“Surgery: If the nerves that control erections must be removed during surgery, a man will become impotent. Some doctors are looking at how to repair these nerves with grafts of small nerves taken from other parts of the body or something artificial. This is still experimental and not all doctors think it is useful. Further studies are going on.”

“Radiation treatment: Better technology is making it possible to aim radiation more precisely than in the past. This makes it possible to treat only the prostate gland and any cancer just outside the gland. Studies are going on to find out which techniques are best for which patients.”

“New computer programs allow doctors to better plan the radiation doses and approaches for both external radiation therapy and brachytherapy.”

“Newer treatments for early stage cancers: Researchers are now studying newer forms of treatment for early stage prostate cancer, either as the first treatment or as treatment after unsuccessful radiation treatment.”

“One treatment, known as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), destroys cancer cells by heating them with highly focused ultrasonic beams. While it has been used more in Europe, it is not used outside of clinical trials in the United States at this time. Studies are now going on to find out if it is safe and effective.”

and it goes on and on. . in short from the 1930’s to 2014 prostate cancer research has delivered. . . . Drumroll . . . . . .

nothing new.

No wait in 1974 they did update a poison (chemotherapy) protocol still in MAJOR use today, oh and a new chemotherapy drug was developed in 1984 (last major drug “breakthrough”) but that is for other cancers not prostate cancer.

So do yourself a favour, go to the doctor now and get an exam, as your chances of surviving prostate cancer diminish rapidly the later it is detected. AND rather donate your hard earned ronds to charities that make a difference like : PATCH(child abuse) or to HOSPICE (palliative care)