Here’s how to get into the Inbox by Gmail beta, no invite required

Are you interested in Inbox, Google’s innovative new attempt to “fix” email, but haven’t gotten an invitation into the beta?

Good news: as long as you have a real-world friend who is already part of Inbox’s invite-only beta, you can easily get in, no invite required. Here’s how.


As it turns out, all you need to do to get into Inbox without an invite is have a friend who is already an Inbox user log into the app on your device, log back out, and then let you sign in. Voila! You’re part of Inbox.

Here’s the step-by-step walkthrough, courtesy of Lifehacker:

1) Download Inbox on your phone through the iOS App Store.
2) Have your friend log into their Google Account to your phone. On iOS devices, log in through another Google app, like Gmail or Chrome.
3) Open Inbox and, when prompted, choose their account to sign in.
4) Go to Inbox’s settings and select “Manage Accounts”. Flip the switch for your account to “on”. You should now have access to Inbox on your account.
5) Remove your friend’s account from your phone. Head back to the “Manage Accounts” screen in a Google app, tap “Edit”, and delete your friend’s account.

Sadly, I don’t have a real-life friend (insert joke here) with Inbox installed, so I can’t test this out myself. But, I’m seeing confirmation elsewhere that this works.