Fact or Fiction? Myth or Truth?


MYTH : An apple a day = no doctor
TRUTH : Although an apple a day is a good health practice and apples may prevent dementia, lower cholesterol, reduce your risk of lung, prostate and colon cancer, benefit bones and protect against asthma, control your weight and detoxify the liver, it would take a lot more than one apple a day to achieve the above benefits and keep you out of the doctors rooms.

MYTH : Tulsi leaf a day = no cancer (Tulsi leaf = basil leaf)
TRUTH : Although basil is a great herb to add to food and it may soothe coughs and sore throats, help with fever and common colds, lower blood cholesterol, help with mouth infections, prevent skin disorders, soothe headaches and reduce stress, the chances of it preventing cancer don’t come close to the benefits of Turmeric or Graviola for cancer prevention.

MYTH : 1 lemon a day = no fat
TRUTH : Although lemon in warm water is a fantastic way to start your day and lemon may aid digestion, detoxify the liver, “flush” the kidneys, boost your immune system, cleanse the blood, balance the bodies pH and help with weight loss, 1 lemon a day will not necessarily banish fat. Only a good diet, exercise and healthy living could do that and even then – if you’re “blessed” with the adipose gene, it will definitely take more than 1 lemon to keep that adipose tissue under control.

MYTH : 1 cup milk a day = no bone problems
TRUTH : Pasteurised milk today contains more than just calcium – growth hormones, bacteria, GMO’s, antibiotics and chemical pesticides – which can all be detrimental to our health. Better sources of calcium which could prevent osteoporosis and other bone problems are Sesame seeds, Chai seeds, almonds, tofu, bok choy, figs and herring to mention a few.

MYTH : 3 litres of water per day = no disease
TRUTH : Unless you are drinking purified or pure spring water, chances are you’ll be getting more than diseases if you’re drinking 3 litres of tap or bottled water a day. 3 litres of water would also put a lot of strain on the kidneys especially in someone who is diabetic not to mention the dangers of lead, copper, mercury, dioxins, bacteria and other “gremlins” in the water! 3 litres of LIQUID a day from water, food and other sources such as tea and coffee may keep you healthier but it’s not going to prevent diseases!