Dutch Parliament Bans Glyphosate Herbicides (Roundup) for Non-Commercial Use

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From the end of 2015 onward the sale of Glyphosate -based herbicides to private persons, including the World’s number one herbicide ‘Roundup’, will be prohibited in the Netherlands over health fears. That is fantastic 🙂

Glyphosate is an ingredient of Roundup, which is sold to private persons as a weed control product. The Dutch Lower House gave consent to a motion by Dutch Member of Parliament Esther Ouwehand, which prohibits the sale of glyphosate to private individuals.

Now here is where I have a problem with this silly stupid retarded government who condone killing/poisoning  of their own people (like all governments) . . . you ban it for home use but allow it to be sprayed on food? Really?? Are you insane? Stupid? Or simply ok with the money you pocket in Tax from Monsanto? Or all of the above, me thinks. You go so far to realise  how deadly that stuff is and then do not go all the way. Cowards.

Glyphosate is increasingly associated with health problems such as infertility, birth defects, damage to the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease and several forms of cancer. In addition to health risks for humans, the usage of chemical pesticides can also lead to loss of biodiversity and difficulties with purifying drinking water.