OUR definitions from our pages and categories:

Cosmetology: From your head to your toes. From nipple rings to bows. Yip, that’s right – this is our spot to talk about anything to do with cosmetology. Our definition of cosmetology is simple …… anything to do with the beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful), facts and fallacies about the human body and the products, medicines and food we use, or put onto/into it!

Compufusion: Taking the confusion out of technology! Tips, tricks, reviews and general information. This is where you can possibly be astounded by the “stuff” “THEY” are manufacturing to allegedly make our lives easier. Also for the “OMG I want . . . no wait . . . NEED that” stuff.

Conspiralytics: Does intelligent life exist out there? How sure are you about that? Did they really make it to the moon? Have you heard about Chem Trails and Morgellons? Is everything a lie that “THEY” have been feeding us. Who are “THEY” anyway?
This page will make WikiLeaks seem like a Beno Comic . . hopefully. 🙂

Conglomatrix: A contribution or crazy deduction aka personal viewpoint about something that has meaning to someone. . . .
This is an opportunity to mail “Him” or “Her” (aka we own this place) to have your opinion shared with the world at large. You want to write, now here is your chance!

Cosmology: The common definition for this is the study of space and stuff, we however have a higher more meaningful definition, that being : The writing of anything between the known sky and the known ground . . . . and we will possibly stretch those too