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WordPress Requirements : PHD in PHP

Evil WordPress
Evil WordPress

So we started to use this WordPress thing and I tell you its a nightmare of note. Sure if you are a PHP coder or a straight A student in advanced PHP rocket science it would probably be a breeze . . . but there are a few things that I think are missing for a normal earthling (like me)

  • A function to go back to the top of the page after you have scrolled down past 32345 posts which took 237 hours and 42 minutes of hectic reading . . .
  • A way to be able to stop comments on what ever posts you want, oh, AND pages. It looks like ALL or nothing which is a bit retarded.
  • A font selector when typing out a new post?  really??  Even MS Windows text editor has that! and if my memory serves me correct so did OS2 Warp back in the 80’s
  • Why all the different linking type stuff? permalinks I think its called, what is that? I mean I almost linked my contact page to the Playboy magazine classified section, which probably would have been a lot more exciting than working out that the best thing on the links is to DO NOT TOUCH.
  • I did not even know Playboy had a classified section!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.38.03 PM

I do realise that all of the above could probably be done, that is not the point here, it should be available for normal laymen bloggers like me.
And to Robert, I take back what I said, In my opinion setting up a WordPress site is way more difficult than setting up a Sage X3 or a SAP R2 multiple continent  corporate implementation 🙂


This is the first post about something that I am not to familiar with and am hoping that the spellchecker works. So far so good. It is Thursday (but you knew that anyway) unless you are only reading this in the future, which is your current time, but it would be in my future, and some one else’s past (assuming they read this before you) If I have lost you already, that is not a problem as I sometimes get lost too.

So continuing . . .

This prose site is all about “everything” as the site says in the cool heading. We will touch on the normal to the extraordinary, we will use words not yet confronted by the Oxford Press, we will question almost everything except why coffee is only successfully grown in “that” area on this planet, we will hopefully take you on a cacophony of a trip, and at the end of the day if we got a reaction out of you, hopefully a good positive one, our work here would be done.

There are about 3 to 6 of us contributing to this blog (This number includes the imaginary friends in his and her heads) The 2 main contributors “Him” & “Her” (semi naked selfies to follow depending on demand) are about as diverse as, well, as the word implies. They hold a host of health, financial, computer and life degrees and qualifications, share a passion for writing, reading, coffee and cricket.

Their hearts are held together with numerous staples from life, love and running out of coffee and cigarettes late at night. But fear not as they have a few things in common: they tend not to judge, laugh a lot, smile a lot.

I do hope you return, read and if you so wish contribute. We will always treasure input from others and pay exceedingly well for awesomeness.

Her & Him