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Cleansing twice a day, morning and evening, is recommended to remove traces of dirt, toxins, free-radicals and make-up. If you are using a cleansing fluid or cream, I suggest applying it to the face with your hands and removing it with water and facial sponges. The sponges will give you a cleaner feel as well as removing any excess cleanser left on the skin.

Cleansing Gels: Better suited for Normal, Combination, Oily or Impure skin types. Gels, however gentle they are, tend to dehydrate the skin and are not always suitable for dry, mature or sensitive skin types.

Cleansing Fluids: Best suited for Sensitive or Young skin types but can be used by all skin types except oily/acne skin.

Cleansing Creams: Best suited for Normal, Dry, Mature skin types as most cleansing creams contain a percentage of oil. These oils are great for all skin types needing a bit of moisture, including Sensitive skin. But due to the oil content they’re better left alone by the Oily, Combination and Impure skin types.

*Soap, products for acne and off the counter, supermarket products can sometimes be exceptionally harsh on the skin and can lead to severe dehydration which can cause an imbalance of the skin. This imbalance can cause acne to worsen and dry skin types may end up with sensitivity and irritation. Avoid these products like the plague – speak to a qualified beautician who can recommend the correct products for you instead . . . . . and it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune.