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Satechi external batteries are like lightning in your pocket

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.34.16 PM

If your device dies, you can usually find a place to plug in. But that’s only if you carry your charging cord and even if you’re lucky enough to have it on you, you’re stuck at the outlet until you’ve got enough juice to go.

The electronics accessory company Satechi has made it easier to stay charged on the go with three new portable energy stations for pretty much anything with a USB port.

The elegant aluminum chargers, which Satechi introduced on Tuesday, can power up multiple devices at once if needed and is good for iPhones, iPads, cameras, MP3 players and Android products. The largest, the $40 SX20, has two 1A ports and two 2.4A ports to charge up to four devices.

The SX5 has one port, costs about $20, and is ideal to stash in a pocket or bag. The SX 10 costs $30 and has a 1A and 2.4A port.

Satechi makes a number of chargers and external batteries, smart phone and camera mounts, portable speakers, FM transmitters and other accessories. It even has entered the smart home space with smart lightbulbs.


Get the old 3D, a Red, a Black, or even a transparent dock in Yosemite.

Gone are the days of the 3D Dock, the new Yosemite Dock defaults to looking like a flatter version, much like the iOS Dock. But who wants an iOS Dock on a Mac?

Well, with CDock you can get the old 3D one back


or a Red One. . . Red_Dock

Perhaps a transparent one?Transparent_dock

or wait. . what about a banana?Banana_dock

All the screen shots are from my iMac BTWCDock

Get your Mac down to : DOWNLOAD LOCATION and take control of your Dock again with CDock. Best of all, its free and super cool to play with as there are many more options to play with.
Drop the app into your Applications, fire it up, select your dock and other cool stuff, hit Apply, wait for 3 seconds and hey presto!

Here’s how to get into the Inbox by Gmail beta, no invite required

Are you interested in Inbox, Google’s innovative new attempt to “fix” email, but haven’t gotten an invitation into the beta?

Good news: as long as you have a real-world friend who is already part of Inbox’s invite-only beta, you can easily get in, no invite required. Here’s how.


As it turns out, all you need to do to get into Inbox without an invite is have a friend who is already an Inbox user log into the app on your device, log back out, and then let you sign in. Voila! You’re part of Inbox.

Here’s the step-by-step walkthrough, courtesy of Lifehacker: Continue reading Here’s how to get into the Inbox by Gmail beta, no invite required

New Microsoft Office for Mac images leaked

OS X Yosemite’s Mail app is a Mac-crashing memory hog, but that might be good news for Microsoft — it appears from new leaked images that Redmond is readying a special version of Outlook built especially for the new Apple OS X. And Office probably won’t be far behind.

OSX Yosemite

The images leaked on Chinese site cnBeta and show a new version of Outlook that boasts Yosemite’s simple, flat design language.

The user interface looks something like a mashup between the default OS X Mail app and Outlook for Windows. According to cnBeta, the new Outlook for Mac will bring better support for cloud documents, integration with Yosemite’s Notification Center, and assets to support the new 5K Retina iMacs. Continue reading New Microsoft Office for Mac images leaked