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Movember, what is it?

So what is Movember?

WARNING : sensitive reading material, not for sensitive readers or grammar nazi’s . . or bunny hugging Feminists


Its when men (or women) decide to grow facial hair to show support for men who have or may get prostate cancer, and I do apologise to the Feminists . . . but NO you do not have a prostate so get over it. \o/

What is the prostate you ask? (I asked about 13 guys and girls at HO what the prostate is for and NONE/ZERO/NILL/NULL could tell me.) So I decided to write this in the slim chance that at least ONE person takes this in and does something about this months highlighted(and very profitable) nasty (you may recall last month was breast cancer month). . oh and for the feminists. . men can get breast cancer. . . so you need to get over that too. \o/ Continue reading Movember, what is it?

Get the old 3D, a Red, a Black, or even a transparent dock in Yosemite.

Gone are the days of the 3D Dock, the new Yosemite Dock defaults to looking like a flatter version, much like the iOS Dock. But who wants an iOS Dock on a Mac?

Well, with CDock you can get the old 3D one back


or a Red One. . . Red_Dock

Perhaps a transparent one?Transparent_dock

or wait. . what about a banana?Banana_dock

All the screen shots are from my iMac BTWCDock

Get your Mac down to : DOWNLOAD LOCATION and take control of your Dock again with CDock. Best of all, its free and super cool to play with as there are many more options to play with.
Drop the app into your Applications, fire it up, select your dock and other cool stuff, hit Apply, wait for 3 seconds and hey presto!