Are you afraid of holes?

What happens to you when you look at the picture below? Does it give you the “heebie geebies”? Do you get a feeling of panic rushing through your system? Does it feel like someone just “walked over your grave” (shivers down the spine)?


What about this one? A lotus pod. Are you feeling a tad grossed out at the moment? Not sure whether you should read more or hit that little “X” at the top right hand corner of the screen?


OK, around about now, I’m not sure whether I feel grossed out or nervous about this hair transplant, but I do know that my palms are starting to get a tad sweaty on the keyboard as I’m typing!!


This one of a runners foot just blew my mind from stable to “ewwwww” and “OMG, that’s totally gross”. I’m definitely starting to feel like dinner isn’t an option!!


How are you feeling right now looking at these holes made by woodpeckers?


I know this isn’t even real BUT that’s it …… I’m officially freaked out by these “things” all over this girls arms and legs!! Yea right, so much for coping mechanisms!


OMG . . . . I know this has been photoshopped BUT . . . . that’s ENOUGH!!


Trypophobia is the “fear of holes”. The term trypophobia originated from the Greek word “trypo” – meaning, boring holes, punching, or drilling – and “phobia” which means irrational fear towards an object of no harm. Trypophobia can usually be triggered by the following things: lotus seed pods, pumice stones, crumpets, cavities in the teeth, termite mounts, holes in concrete, acne scars, aero chocolate bars, bone marrow, nests of wasps, a bees honeycomb, bubbles in rising dough, ant holes, veins in meat . . . . basically, anything with a cluster of holes. All of these things will cause some form of reaction in someone susceptible to trypophobia.

I went onto a few blogs and website to do some research and many of the members on these blogs claim that they experience nausea, all over itching, sleepless nights, and intense anxiety whenever they see clustered holes. However, some people said that they didn’t know they had this phobia until they visited web pages, or read more about it. It was only then that they started to feel “out of sorts”. In other words, they were simply influenced by people who have the same discomfort when seeing a cluster of holes.

Many people also said that they eventually became “immune” to the pictures and after browsing  the internet, the feeling of anxiety, fear and “heebie geebies” went away.

I think I fall somewhere in between true Trypophobia and merely the “heebie geebies”. Some of the above pics do stir a feeling of unease in me, but I wouldn’t call it fear, more like “damn,  that’s totally gross”, while other pics are starting to get the “immune” reaction out of me.

Either way, the rush of “heebie geebies” down my spine accompanied by a shot (or two) of adrenaline . . . . not to mention holding onto my bladder and bowel movements while researching the topic, has left me feeling rather euphoric and endorphonated – if there’s even such a word! Wait, maybe we should add that word to our “Definitions” page!!

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  1. Phil, you are obviously from another planet! These ‘holey’ things freak me out completely.

  2. OK can’t actually look at this – have to scroll past it fast to get to next post.

  3. Ewwwww it may be fascinating but some of those are super GROSSSS – the hair thing eww eww eww!!

  4. Ok so I definitely do not suffer from the “Trypophobia” thing to me its actually fascinating *grin*

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